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Toilets in Education Judging Criteria


No Criteria Description
 1 Free use by pupils & students Unrestricted access to a toilet, whenever or wherever the need arises.
 2 Quantity of provision Adequate numbers of facilities for both female and male users which ensure sufficient privacy.
 3 Accessibility Dedicated unisex toilets, or female and male toilet cubicles, properly equipped as DDA Compliant Accessible toilets for users with special needs.
 4 Facilities Low level WC/Urinals/Wash Basins in Early Years and Primary Schools/Play Centres
 5   Toilet tissue dispensers provided at a convenient height, replenished as needed throughout the normal hours of usage.
 6   Sanitary towel disposal units in all female cubicles for pupils and students age 8+, serviced on a regular basis.
 7   Complete lack of graffiti and abuse
 8 Privacy Adequate cubicle locking, cubicle partitions and urinal screening
 9 Safety Open area for hand washing e.g. design to prevent bullying
10 Management An effective toilet supervision regime to ensure proper standards of provision and management throughout normal hours of usage.
11   An effective toilet cleaning and inspection regime to ensure adequate standards of hygiene, behaviour and cleanliness, throughout normal hours of usage.