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Eco Friendly Toilet Award

The Award

Recognises the most environmentally friendly toilets from all entry categories.


Entrants that indicate (tick) that they want their toilets to be considered for this award as part of their Entry Form submission will be sent a Declaration Form for them to submit details of their environmentally friendly features. They may enter some or all of the toilets included in their overall entry.

Award Criteria

Facilities must meet some eco friendly criteria. In addition to the existing Male/Female/Accessible/Baby Change criteria, judging will be based on criteria that include:


The energy section assesses a range of energy efficiency measures as well as the use of renewable technologies, for example:

  • Low energy lighting and controls, e.g. automatic lighting – only provided when toilets are in use maximum use of natural daylight
Efficient heating, cooling and hot water systems
  • Energy efficient hand dryers
  • Insulation and energy efficient ventilation
  • Low embodied energy building
  • Renewable energy, e.g. solar panels, wind turbines etc


Examples of the water assessment criteria include:

  • Water efficient taps, e.g. light sensor or pressure taps
  • Water saving Cisterns
  • Water saving urinals
  • Harvesting rainwater and/or use of grey water

Eco Friendly Products

Examples of Eco friendly products include:

  • Re-cycled toilet tissue/ Paper towels
  • Eco Friendly Cleaning Products