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Toilets in Education

There are Loo of the Year Awards and Entry Categories for all types of  Educational Establishments.

Educational establishments that enter Loo of the Year Awards know how important it is to provide toilets that meet the needs of their pupils. These should be clean and well maintained, and available to use at all times. 

Poor toilets have a negative impact on pupils and students, who may then avoid using the toilets because they are dirty, smelly, lack basic provisions or are not private enough. There are medical conditions that can be caused or exacerbated by the avoidance of, or limited access to, school toilets.

The provision of access to high quality toilet facilities is a key factor in education. It can have a positive influence on pupils’ willingness and ability to learn, their behaviour, morale, health and well being and can impact on attendance.

In 2010 Loo of the Year Awards introduced the Toilets in Education Awards to provide an independent assessment of the toilets used by pupils and students from early years, primary schools, play centres, secondary schools and higher and adult education. Educational establishments that cater for all children and adults with differing needs are also recognised in the Education sector of our awards.

In 2015 a new Hygiene Room Award was introduced to assess the standard of Hygiene Rooms within educational establishments; which must meet the minimum standards of Education (School Premises) Regulations 1999 and may exceed this in order to meet local needs and achieve good practice standards. This award is open for all education establishments in the UK and Ireland.

Access to well-designed and attractive toilets which suit the needs of all types of users of educational establishments should be a right and demonstrate respect for our younger generation. All entries receive an unannounced inspection visit from an experienced inspector and receive an Awards grading judged against our criteria.

Loo of the Year Awards are the British Standard for all types of Away from home toilets and provide recognition and awards for the best. 

Please see the Judging Criteria page to raise you awareness of the requirements for your establishment, to help you with your entry should you wish to join us. 

Spring 2024-We are please to announce that Herefordshire Early Years Improvement Team are working in partnership with Loo of The year Awards to raise the awareness of the importance of high standards of hygiene, facilities and safety within the early years settings.