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Judging Criteria

Judging is completed from a user perspective

Do the toilets meet the needs of all types of users - adults, children and babies and those with a disability?

Are the toilets fit for purpose?

The Loo of the Year Awards Inspectors use an inspection and grading form which includes 100 criteria against which the toilets are judged. Click to view Inspection Criteria

The Inspection Criteria also include compliance with British Standards BS6465, BS8300, Building Regulations Doc M, Workplace Regulations and the Department for Schools, Children and Families Building Bulletin 102 in relation to specific toilets.

Baby Changing Facilities Award & Trophy

Baby changing facilities in Male, Female and Accessible toilets are judged in addition to facilities in separate baby changing facilities/family rooms.

Accessible Toilet Awards & Trophy

Compliance with practical elements of  BS8300 and Building Regulations Document M are judged in addition to basic toilet functionality.

Changing Places Toilet Awards & Trophy

Click to view the Loo of the Year Awards Changing Places Toilet Judging Criteria. These include the Changing Places Consortium design criteria.

ECO Friendly Toilet Awards & Trophy

Entrants who want to enter the ECO Friendly Award complete an ECO Friendly Toilet Award Declaration Form. This is compared with the  ECO Friendly Award Criteria. Click to view.

Toilets in Education Awards & Trophy

Toilets in all categories in the Education Sector are judged against the Toilets in Education Award Judging Criteria. Click to view.

School Hygiene Room Award & Trophy

Where Hygiene Rooms are installed in Educational Establishments they will be judged against the Hygiene Room Awards Criteria. Click to view.

Space to Change Award & Trophy

Where Space to Change is provided, it will be judged against the Loo of the Year Awards Space to Change Judging Criteria. Click to view.

Judging Criteria

Signage & Communication
  • Directional signage (where applicable - e.g. Public Toilets, Shopping Centres etc.)
  • External building signage
  • Internal customer communication signage
Décor & Maintenance
  • State of repair - internal & if applicable external
Fixtures & Fittings
  • Sanitary fittings, taps, locks, hooks etc.
  • Walls & ceilings
  • Floor areas
  • Fixtures & fittings - basins, bowls, seats, taps etc.
Hygiene Equipment
  • Hand washing
  • Hand drying
  • Toilet tissue
  • Sanitary product disposal
Air Quality
  • Ventilation, draingage smells etc.
  • Added value enhancement - vending, flowers etc.
  • Lighting, entrances, external areas (if applicable)
Accessible Facilities
  • Proper provision for both sexes or a unisex facility
Baby Changing Facilities
  • Proper provision for both sexes or a unisex facility
Changing Places Toilets
  • Compliance with CP Consortium criteria
School Hygiene Rooms
  • Compliance with DECF requirements
Overall Management & Customer Care
  • Is there clear evidence that the facilities are being properly managed?
British Standards
  • Is the toilet compliant?
  • Is the toilet compliant?

Loo of the Year Awards Inspectors use the Judging Criteria for all entries inspected in England, Northern Ireland, The Republic of Ireland, The Channel Islands, The Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales.

Loo of the Year Awards ensure that it's Judging Criteria are current and subjective.

The Criteria are reviewed on an annual basis