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Entry Information 2024

  1. The 2024 Loo of the Year Awards is open to all 'away from home' washrooms in any one of the sixty-three different entry categories listed below. You can enter online here.
  2. An entry consists of one set of male, female, accessible, and baby changing facilities, in relatively close proximity but not necessarily on the same floor or in the same immediate area. Changing Places, Space to Change or School Hygiene Room facilities may also be included in a set.
  3. Any number of entry sets can be submitted, covering different locations in the same or separate buildings, towns or cities.
  4. All male, female, accessible and baby changing facilities will be separately graded and the overall entry grade will be the aggregate grading awarded for the whole entry.
  5. Each entry will be assumed to include accessible and baby changing facilities, except where it is either unreasonable to provide an accessible toilet (e.g.upstairs café with no lift) or no babies are normally allowed (e.g. school toilet). 
  6. Entrants must provide accurate information about opening hours and whether or not each entry has a full-time Cleaning Technician/Attendant(s) * see note 8 & 9 below
  7. Entrants must provide entry location directions where necessary, to assist our Inspectors' journey planning. Numbered location maps are useful for multiple entries –, particularly from Local Authorities.
  8. Entrants are asked to provide information as requested concerning washroom technician/contractors, to assist identification of our Washroom Cleaner of the Year Award winners.
  9. All cleaning staff will automatically be entered in the Washroom Technician of the Year Awards and any staff seen at the time of the unannounced inspection visit will be deemed to represent the whole team.
  10. All entries will receive a Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus or Diamond grade. All entries achieving these grades will receive an Award Certificate. All Platinum, Platinum Plus and Diamond winners will be considered for selection for our range of National and Overall Awards.
  11. Download an Entry Form. Completed entry forms can be sent to Loo of the Year Awards, The Garden Office, Yew Tree Farm, Eaton Bishop, HR2 9QX or scanned and emailed to
  12. Authorised entries can also be made online.

About - Why Enter?

Many businesses pride themselves on the standard of cleaning and maintenance of the building they occupy or that they are responsible for cleaning. The most frequent place visited by most users of the building is the washrooms, and these included staff, visitors and customers and their first impressions count highly, so standards must be achieved consistently if the provider’s reputation is to be maintained.

As a service provider, how do you know how you compare with your competitors and how do you gain recognition? This can be achieved by entering into the annual Loo of the Year Awards, which will provide an independent, cost-effective and valuable assessment of ‘away from home’ washroom provision.  This recognition of the standards achieved are based on ‘the washroom standard’ for the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Leading retailers, restaurant and pub chains, visitor attractions, holiday parks, shopping centres, local authorities, and importantly the cleaning and FM sector enter annually. Go to Home to find out more.