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Mitsubishi Electric Jet Towel

Mitsubishi Electric's high-speed hand dryer "Jet Towel" dries hands in a matter of seconds using "jet blasts" of air on each side of the hand. Ever since Mitsubishi Electric developed the world's first forced-air hand dryer in 1993, it continues to gain popularity worldwide. The Jet Towel Slim and Smart deliver energy-efficient, low-noise and high-speed hand drying bringing a new level of convenience and satisfaction to customers whilst saving on operational costs.


Mitsubishi Electric produces its Jet Towel hand dryers in white, black and silver. These options have been chosen because they fit with virtually every colour palette likely to be used in a washroom facility.

Of course, appearance is far from the only advantage. They are so efficient that they only need a small amount of electricity per use, yet dry hands far faster than conventional blower dryers and furthering their environmental credentials compared to the use of paper towels.

In use, they are very quiet compared to both blower and other hands-in or under dryers. An anti-bacterial material on all surfaces and an anti-microbial air filter come as standard to ensure super-hygienic operation.