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“What is the ADi ROOM MATE ?”

28 March 2017 09:51

The RoomMate is an electronic, wall-mounted device, which offers Blind and Visually Impaired visitors bespoke audio description in a disabled access toilet.

Listen to BBC Radio 4 interview with about Room Mate - select coverage - 12.06 minutes to 17.28 minutes on this link:


 Each unit also comes complete with a high visibility door sign to indicate that the facility has an ADi RoomMate installed.


On entering the disabled access toilet an audio announcement is triggered and the unit advises that a recorded description of the room is available. If the user is visually impaired and requires the description, they are then given the instruction to wave their hand in front of the unit to activate.


The unit is placed to the left or right of the door frame at mid-height and the initial announcement advises which side of the door the unit is placed and has the addition of 4 sonic pings after the announcement, to guide the user to it.


There are 2 sets of identical phrases giving a sequenced description. The first set allows the visually impaired user to form a mental picture of the room, whilst the repeated set enables the user to navigate within the room.

 This mains unit is delivered pre-programmed for each location and is thus ready for immediate installation. The volume is variable to allow for varying environmental noise factors.If features within the facility are altered at any time in the future new instructions can be entered on-site.

 For further information go to  Phone: +44 (0)330 0881805 Email: