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TWC welcomed as our latest Associate Sponsor

15 May 2013 16:27

We welcome TWC, a specialist toilet and washroom deep clean and infection control company, as our latest 2013 Sponsor 

TWC is the only company in the UK to specialise exclusively in toilet and washroom deep clean and infection control treatments

We all know and recognise that these areas are the main cause of concern in all organisations for the spreading of germs, bacteria and viruses due mainly to user complacency regarding hygiene

TWC’s deep clean services range from professional deep cleans to intensive clinical treatments incorporating unique, ground-breaking green anti-microbial technology. This will not only eliminate harmful and dangerous germs and bacteria on contact, but also protect treated surfaces from any re-contamination for up to 12 months with a single application 

Powered by MonoFoil, this treatment emphatically out-performs existing sanitising options which are only effective for just a few minutes after application and do not prevent future re-contamination

Initially developed in the USA to protect the US Military, the MonoFoil technology is now used by many major corporations including Disney, Boeing, NBA, Nestle and Coors to continually inhibit any microbial growth, control odours and protect all surfaces and other areas from any cross-contamination

TWC’s infection control treatment is universal in application and not just restricted to toilet and washrooms. It can be used on any surface, in any area, internally or externally

Enjoy the peace of mind TWC treatments will give you, knowing that the health and hygiene standards of your facilities will not only impress all visitors and employees, but also offer them unparalleled protection and vastly reduce the risk of cross-contamination into other areas of your establishment

Remember, your users are your most fervent critics 

Take advantage of a TWC consultation and demonstration of the exceptional performance of this unique anti-microbial technology

Visit the TWC website at Phone 0845 680 3973 
or Email