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Well done Hastings (National Award winner in 2012)!

23 April 2013 16:26

A message from a recent visitor to the town: 

Dear Sirs 
Last week while on holiday I visited Hastings. We parked in what I am guessing was the main car park along the front and while we were there my daughter needed to visit the toilets.

All I can say is OH MY GOD! How clean were they! There was nothing at all that could be faulted. They were immaculate. No toilet paper over the floor, no rubbish anywhere. We ended up visiting Hastings 3 times and each time we ended up using the toilets and never once were they anything other than perfect.

Those toilets are a credit to Hastings, please pass on my thanks to the
cleaners of these toilets as they do an outstanding job.

I am known as being quick to complain if something is wrong, but equally I do also like to give praise when it is due. 

Yours faithfully 

K G Northampton